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Welcome to Brisbane CERT!


The community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area, and trains them in basic disaster response skills. The organization's purpose is to provide a group of trained citizens to assist the City's implementation of its Emergency Operations Plan during a disaster, and to encourage emergency preparedness in the community. As a volunteer organization closely affiliated with the City of Brisbane, members may serve as a temporary resource to the city during emergency situations when professional responders are overwhelmed.

The Community Emergency Volunteers follow the FEMA-developed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum which is an 8 module series of two-hour classes which teaches CERT Organization, Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Light Search and Rescue, Disaster Medical Operations, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism, and Brisbane specific Damage Assessment.

During a catastrophic emergency, the CEVs will walk their assigned residential routes and conduct damage assessment surveys acting as the "eyes and ears" of the City's Emergency Operations Center so that situation status updates and priority assignment of resources can be completed. Their training in utility shutoff, first aid, and light urban search and rescue will undoubtedly mitigate further property damage and significantly assist in the preservation of human life. CEVs are also trained in shelter operations, and are anticipated to have a significant role in the care of fellow citizens, whether that role be working in a shelter or assisting with the distribution of critical supplies.

During less catastrophic emergencies, CEVs can volunteer to assist with traffic control (especially in the case of fire-related evacuations), fill sandbags to control flooding during unusually heavy rain events, and a myriad of other activities.


Are you interested in becoming a CEV and learning essential training to help your neighbors and community in times of disaster? Become a part of a volunteer organization, that works closely with the City of Brisbane, to help promote disaster preparedness.For membership application and general information contact the Brisbane Fire Department Administration-North County Fire Authority (NCFA):

Elizabeth Solis (650) 746-8350 or

You can learn about the Community Emergency Volunteers by reviewing the CEV Handbook.


The CEV Block Captain is responsible for a "block" or "route". Each route contains approximately 15 residences that are logically mapped throughout the city's residential neighborhoods. To become and maintain "Block Captain" status, the volunteer must maintain certifications in CPR and First Aid and be trained in Damage Assessment. In the event of an obvious disaster, block captains will automatically commence walking their routes to perform damage assessment.

If you want the CEVs and your Block Captain to have essential information on your residence, complete the Residential Survey Form and mail, fax, or emailto Elizabeth Solis at the Brisbane Fire Department Administration - North County Fire Authority. Contact information is located on the Residential Survey Form.


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